A chemist who believed in the healing magic!

Robert Chesebrough, the inventor of Vaseline, had a peculiar habit of consuming a spoonful of it daily. This unusual habit of consuming Vaseline was a testament to Chesebrough’s unwavering belief in the healing properties of his invention!

1. Unwavering Belief: Robert Chesebrough had immense faith in his product, Vaseline. He believed in it so much that he ate a spoonful of it every day until he reached the remarkable age of 96.

2. Discovery of “Rod Wax”: In 1859, Chesebrough visited an oil field and discovered a residue known as “rod wax”. This substance needed periodic removal from pumps. When he learned that workers were using it to treat cuts and burns, he began his experiments.

3. Perfecting the Process: Chesebrough spent over a decade refining his extraction and purification process. Eventually, he introduced his creation, which he aptly named “Wonder Jelly,” to the world.

4. Bold Marketing Tactics: To promote Vaseline, Chesebrough demonstrated its effectiveness by driving around New York, intentionally burning his skin with acid or an open flame. He then applied the jelly to his injuries, showcasing past wounds that had healed. By 1874, stores were selling over 1400 jars of Vaseline daily.

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